The days of the old plastic straws are over with a revolutionary item that will make any beverage fun without hurting the environment: Nature's Straw by Earth Align. Made entirely from biodegradable and eco-friendly wheat, these straws are just as efficient and easy to use as the generic disposable ones, but they do not contribute to plastic waste and are not chemically treated, which makes them safer to use by people of all ages. Start having a real impact on the health of our planet are replace the plastic straws with Nature's Straws today! Some of the amazing benefits of the wheat straw bundle:

  • The compostable straws are made from 100% all-natural wheat stems that do not pollute the environment in any way
  • The wheat from the straws comes from decomposable stalks, so no additional harvesting that may pollute is necessary
  • The bulk is made up of 100 disposable straws that are great for large parties
  • Nature's Straws can be used for any beverage, from alcohol to hot coffee
  • The high quality of the straws ensures that they will not get soggy or soft
  • Ideal for a sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle
  • The straws come packed in compostable kraft box

ORDER NOW and take the first step towards a healthier and eco-friendlier lifestyle with Nature's Straws!


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