ec· o-LOV·ing;


 -loving to the environment; causing no harm to the environment throughout lifecycle from production to disposal. 

A study shows that 98% of "eco-friendly" products are using some form of greenwashing to trick consumers. Since this word no longer has any creditability, we decided to create our own category of products called eco-LOVING. For a product to be considered eco-LOVING they must have these 5 elements:

If you can not toss it in your home compost bin then it is not eco-LOVING

100% home compostable

If a product does not marine bio-degrade without causing harm then it is not eco-LOVING

Non-harmful to marine life

If a product seems to be earth friendly but has a high carbon footprint in its production process then it is not eco-LOVING.

Low-zero carbon foot print in the production process

Only products packaged in either recycled or recyclable materials are considered eco-LOVING

100% recyclable/recycled packaging

Eco-LOVING products must be produced from only abundant and fast renewing resources such as bamboo or wheat.  

Made from naturaly abundant and fast renewing materials


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